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Day Trip to Pasaquan, What is the Cost?

The inclusive cost of the trip will be just $65.00  This includes everything: entrance and special tour at Pasaquan, transportation, gourmet lunch, gratuities for the lunch servers and the coach driver.  The cost is based on almost a full coach and any extra money will go to Pasaquan.  The Fine print: If you want a glass of wine at lunch, you buy that yourself.

Who is Planning the Day Trip to Pasaquan? 

Two people who are interested in sharing the "discovery" of this amazing Georgia place with others who are interested in unique, out-of-the-mainstream, amazing, and curious art and creations. They think there are a number of 'Atlantan's' who would enjoy an opportunity to see and learn about Pasaquan and have a fun day trip too. 

They are Joey Johnson and Robert Searfoss.  They are putting this together along with Pasaquan Preservation Society board member, Fred Fussell, who of course is very keen on sharing this remarkable 'site' with others.

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What is the Cost, Who is Planning This, and Why


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