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Day Trip to Pasaquan, Schedule

Saturday morning May 22

8:30 ~ 9:01   Board the motor coach parked at....

9:02  Depart via Columbus route to Buena Vista

12:00  Lunch at Sign of the Dove

1:20 ~ 1:30  Depart to Pasaquan

1:40  Arrive Pasaquan 

1:40  to  3:10  Visit Pasaquan

3:20  Depart Pasaquan for Atlanta

6:30  Arrive Atlanta

What to Bring:  

  • a friend!
  • sketch pad, color pastels, crayons
  • daypack/light backpack
  • water bottle
  • book/magazine to read in case you are finished viewing Pasaquan before the visit time is over
  • sun hat
  • camera
  • umbrella + raincoat.  Check the weather, Pasaquan is great...rain or sun
  • attitude for fun and amazement

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