Multiple interconnected processes of the visual system occur when visual fields are tested and charted.

The kinetic field measures a combination of sensitivity, integration, and response. This integration (matching and identifying) is a learned process.

The question: "Tell me when you first notice the dot", asks the individual to match and identify: size, shape, contour, texture, brightness, reflectance, contrast, speed, direction, distance, color, and motion while integrating the many subsystems of balance, orientation, timing, and speech-auditory through present and past experiences. When disorganization or timing errors occur in any of these systems, the response is diminished and slowed. This poor processing results in a smaller field.

Optometrists, and other interested Vision Care Specialists, Psychologists, Medical Doctors, School Counselors, and Nurses see these affected performance patterns every day and call them symptoms. These symptoms are easily demonstrated and documented on-paper by showing the Visual Performance Fields. Use the VPF Testing instrument to clearly and rapidly on-paper Diagnose, Demonstrate, and Document visual problems that relate to behavior, motor, and cognitive problems.

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Comprehensive instructional videotape, 100 sheet paper pack, and field comparison chart are included in the complete system package.

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