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To test the left eye field, the right eye is covered

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Documenting the (left) eye field.
Ask the individual to cover their right eye, touch their forehead to the positioner.   Mark an "X" in the middle box of the paper record, and ask them to put and keep their attention on the "X".  Then, move the target near the middle X, ask, "Do you notice the white target dot?"  Then instruct, "Now keep your attention on the X and tell me when you notice the dot again." then remove the target from the chart and bring it in randomly from the sides and slide it on the paper to the center.  When they report that they notice the target, mark the various places where they notice it.  You can have people turn their head to the left or right to eliminate blocking of the field by the bridge of their nose.   Some may report noticing the dot off the chart before you get it to the paper.   This indicates a wide useful field and is marked with a line leading off the chart rather than a small pencil mark.   If the individual does very well on the basic confrontations, wide fields will be expected on the documentation test.

The videotape clearly demonstrates the process and shows several examples.