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American International Instruments
Providing the Vision Test Instrument Worldwide Since 1989

Instrument package is shipped complete with instructions, examples, chart paper, pencil, target. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  Ground shipping in U.S. is included. [See photo below]

Sale: Shipping within the U.S. included!

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American International Instruments
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International orders require additional shipping charges. 

Guarantee:  We've been providing visual field and blind spot documentation instruments since 1989 with this guarantee: If you think the vision test instrument is not a good value, purchase price will be promptly refunded. 

Documentation paper is available in 100 sheet packs.
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newinstrument3.jpg (10782 bytes) .... Vision Test Instrument

Documentation paper is two-sided, and can be easily fliped over.  Each paper has a place for name, date, and left/right eye identification

White target "dot"

Marking pencil

Note: Storage area inside of instrument

ck.jpg (724 bytes) Efficient evaluation and documentation of important Visual Fields, Blind Spot, TBI, and Central Retinal Suppressons.

ck.jpg (724 bytes) Adds valuable elements to the exam and evaluation

ck.jpg (724 bytes) Demonstrate and document benefit of the near-task + lens

ck.jpg (724 bytes) Useful in TBI evaluations

ck.jpg (724 bytes) Adds to progress evaluation reports