Find Central Retinal Suppressions

By using a common red laser pointer and anaglyphs the Instrument can be used to find central retinal suppressions, not just total eye suppressions or constricted fields.

This expanded application of the instrument opens a new aspect of documenting visual problems that were formerly suspected, but difficult to diagnose.  The instrument now becomes an instrument for broader use in  optometric, vision, and eye care offices.

The instrument is for two primary probes into a patient's visual performance.

1. To find the level of peripheral awareness and to then relate that pattern to the cause, if any, of the inappropriate behavior by the individual.

2. To find the central foveal area suppressions, if any, which cause the complaints of "uncomfortable", "just not right", "can see -but something is wrong", responses to lenses application.

In both cases, the optometrist can treat the visual problem by visual training therapy before the final lenses are prescribed.