Update: The money-saving bills described below were assigned to house and senate committees where they stayed. So needy owners of Georgia Power continue to get money, for free, from Georgians, to finance their deeply troubled, over 100% more costly than proposed, new nuclear reactor.

The owners get our money free. Around 900 dollars per household. Then, if the reactors are ever operational, the owners will sell electricity to us at a higher-than-ever price.





Finally Fed Up With Paying For Delays, Botched Construction, and Expensive Re-Do at Plant Vogtle 3&4.

Bills call for an end to free financing for the troubled project

Georgia Citizens Will Immediately Save Money.

House Bill 1503 and
Senate Bill 607

Put a STOP to the Unfair
Vogtle CWIP Surcharge
and Will Mean
for Over 2,500,000 Georgians.

Bills go to House and Senate Committees this week... Power company lobby is against these bills and so it is VERY IMPORTANT that if your Representative or Senator is listed below, that you contact them IMMEDIATELY to request that they vote yes and pass this out of committee so Georgians will not be forced to give more money away to finance Plant Vogtle.


House Committee on Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications  Members to Contact 

Victor Anderson
Dave Belton
Beth Camp
Wes Cantrell
John Carson
Katie Dempsey
Robert Dickey
Karla Drenner
David Dreyer
Barry Fleming
Gloria Frazier
Joseph Gullett
Matt Hatchett
Susan Holmes
Shelly Hutchinson
Derrick Jackson
Trey Kelley
Gregg Kennard
Chuck Martin
Josh McLaurin
Martin Momtahan
Beth Moore
Steven Meeks
Sheila Nelson
Don Parsons
Philip Singleton
Brad Thomas
Bill Werkheiser
Bruce Williamson

SENATE COMMITTEE Regulated Industries and Utilities  Members to Contact

John Albers 56th
Tonya Anderson 43rd
Matt Brass 28th Vice Chairman
Bill Cowsert 46th Chairman
Frank Ginn 47th
Steve Gooch 51st
Ed Harbison 15th
John Kennedy 18th Secretary
David Lucas 26th
Butch Miller 49th
Jeff Mullis 53rd
Michael 'Doc' Rhett 33rd
Lindsey Tippins 37th


By an obsolete unfair Georgia law, the surcharge takes money from over 2,500,000 Georgians' monthly electric bills.

Surcharge money goes free to Georgia Power to help them finance construction of their deeply-troubled, years-late nuclear Plant Vogtle.

The 2009 legislators didn't expect the surcharges to go years beyond Georgia Power's claimed 2016 and 2017 end dates. Today, there is still no reliable end date in sight.

The open-ended monthly surcharge law is a disservice to Georgians, who have paid and paid and paid and will receive nothing but higher priced electricity.

The surcharge law has become a disgrace on the State of Georgia.


Consider FIVE Good Reasons Justifying REPEAL to STOP The SURCHARGES:


1.  The original controversial nuclear finance act of 2009 anticipated that Georgians would pay a surcharge for five years. Instead, Georgia Power has collected the nuclear tax for eleven years, ALREADY SIX YEARS LONGER than anticipated with no end in sight.


2.  The original finance act DID NOT anticipate making people pay for expensive construction mistakes, costly delays, and expensive do-overs.


3.  The company testifies that construction is 99% complete.  Now most current work is fixing mistakes and do-over work. If the project is so near completion, customers should not keep paying surcharges. 


4. The "Done Date Delaying Minefield"  Extensive ITAAC testing (Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Inspections, Tests, Analyses, and Acceptance Criteria) is far from complete. Numerous problems found by testing will push startup much later than the present startup claim of late 2022, and thus continue the surcharges even longer. Note: NRC reports that, of the 399 tests, about 150, or 38%, remain to be done. Note: All tests must be complete before fuel is loaded.


5.  The surcharge unfairly burdens the small and medium size residential and commercial customers, including schools, elderly, and non-profit services, while it unfairly gives a pass to very large customers. These very large customers get to use rates that avoid much of the surcharge. (See Reference 1) 

Read the questions and answers below

WHAT???...They want my GRANDMOTHER to keep on paying for THEIR mistakes, botched work & do-overs, component failures, rewiring, management messes, and delays???  NO!   NO! ... and... H*** NO!


FOR 6 YEARS, EVERY DATE Georgia Power has said Vogtle 3 & 4 would be done has been MISSED. ...100% wrong on ALL end dates.  One sworn witness said the company has "MISLED THE PSC AND STAFF."

We're SIX YEARS PAST Georgia Power's original claimed Vogtle end date, and the monthly surcharges keep taking Georgian's money.





Surcharge = Big Profit Surge
at Georgia Power:

Big Profits Began With the Vogtle CWIP Surcharges.

Now they profit on their delays and mistakes !!!


Repealing the
Vogtle CWIP Surcharge
Will Mean
for Georgians.

Elderly, schools, food banks, mom & pop restaurants, churches, tire stores, car repair shops, households, gas stations, doctors offices, print shops, renters, dentists, synagogues, beauty parlors, dry cleaners, shoe stores, insurance offices, meals-on-wheels, homeless shelters, colleges and universities, Salvation Army stores, banks, bicycle shops, credit unions, coffee shops, drug stores, police stations, nursing homes, car washes, sheet metal shops, music stores, pet stores, fast-food restaurants, veterinarian offices, loan offices, county governments, machine shops, caterers, welding shops, small manufacturing businesses, hospitals, recycling centers, animal shelters, hardware stores, grocery stores, YMCA & YWCA, nail shops, bookstores, healthfood stores, consignment stores, rehab centers, phone stores, barbershops, grocery stores, warehouses, urgent care centers, franchise businesses, clothing stores...


ALSO UNFAIR:  the BIGGEST customers get a pass...so the main burden is on the little guy!  See Reference 1 below.


Over $3.6 billion taken from Georgians, $850.00 per household ...more taken every month!


Clearly, the surcharges are failing to benefit customers, as the 2009 legislature was led to believe they would.




Read the questions and answers below

Call or e-mail your Representative and Senator at the Georgia Legislature. Let them know you want to REPEAL THE UNFAIR 2009 Nuclear Finance law and Stop the Vogtle Surcharge

Surcharges started on Georgia Power bills in 2011

In 2019, they hit a high of 10.76 %

In 2020, they were 9.46 %  (The NCCR-10 rate)

In 2021, they are 9.46 % 

In January, 2022, they will be 3.81 %  (The NCCR-11)


$850.00 already taken
typical residence
For Nothing In Return.
Taking money since 2011.
More every month.

... Enough is Enough ...


Call or e-mail your Representative and Senator at the Georgia Legislature. Let them know you want to REPEAL THE UNFAIR 2009 Nuclear Finance law and Stop the Vogtle Surcharge


Look on your Georgia Power electric bill.
You've been paying this Unfair  Nuclear Construction surcharge since 2011.


The 2009 Georgia Nuclear Energy Financing Act:

The End is NOT Near !

The unfair surcharge goes on and on, month after month, years longer than proposed.  This was not intended by legislators, more than half of whom have retired, when they enacted the 2009 Georgia Nuclear Energy Financing law.

The surcharge began when Vogtle nuclear construction started in 2011 and went to a high of 10.76% in 2019.  Under the 2009 law, the nuclear surcharge will keep taking surcharge money until reactor #4 is operating and selling electricity.  New and existing massive construction delays and re-do of earlier botched construction make that date uncertain.



Repealing the Vogtle Surcharge is NOT about nuclear power, whether it is good or bad, etc.

It IS about stopping the blank-check, open-ended surcharge, and free financing that Georgia Power is taking from Georgians to support their years of delays and mistakes. 

It IS about whether Georgia Power customers shall continue to be burdened for Vogtle from early 2022 until completion, ...whenever that is.


Questions and More Information


Q:  Will stopping the free surcharge money "hurt" the owners of the new reactor?

A:  Since 2011 Georgia Power has posted unprecedented high profits totaling $ 12.8 billion!  It's high time for the Vogtle owners to get their construction and do-over money like other for-profit businesses get theirs: from commercial lenders, funds, stock/bond issue, etc., or by reducing bonuses and dividends.  (See Illustration 1, 2, & 3)


Q:  Why stop the surcharge now? 

A:  Better late than never. The surcharge has taken money for six years longer than originally anticipated, when the Georgia Nuclear Energy Financing Act was passed.  Few would have supported an on-and-on-and-on surcharge law.  It's time to stop!


Q:  Why is it "unfair" to small and medium size businesses and residential customers?

A:  Large electric customers on "marginal rates" do not have the surcharge on their bills. They may get a fraction of their electric service on a "firm rate," and pay the surcharge on that fraction. (see reference 1)


Q:  Have the owners of the years-delayed reactor profited on the surcharge money they have taken from customers?

A:  Yes.  Georgia Power's profits surged more than 20% after the company started collecting "free" nuclear surcharge money.  (See Illustration 1, 2, & 3)


Q:  Do schools, state universities, churches, shelters, meals-on-wheels, and other nonprofit service organizations pay the Vogtle surcharge?

A: Yes, to finance the new nuclear reactor, many millions have been taken from nonprofit electric customers. DeKalb Schools have paid over $ 3 million of school tax money to finance the private Vogtle project.


Q:  Are state and local government agencies that are funded by taxpayers also paying the surcharge?

A: Yes. Our local county offices, police stations, city offices, libraries, senior centers, etc., are also paying the nuclear surcharge to finance the private construction.  It is unprecedented and outrageous that scarce public tax money is given by a law to a for-profit company to finance a private, for-profit construction project. It should never have started and should stop NOW.


Q:  What about elderly? Do they pay the surcharge?

A:  Yes. Taking retirement money from elderly is a particularly unreasonable, unfair and ugly aspect of the nuclear surcharge law.  The elderly is a sector of the public who may never see these expensive reactors come on-line.  Many will not live to reap the so-called benefits of the most expensive construction project in Georgia history.  This is one of the ugliest, most unfair aspects of the Vogtle surcharge.


Q:  The company says that Vogtle 3, the new nuclear reactor, will be operating in late 2022.  Is this likely?

A:  No.  For ten years, every operating date the company has proclaimed has been missed.  Actual progress gives no confidence in their latest 2022 operation date.  Meanwhile, the surcharges will continue on and on unless the Financing Act is repealed NOW. (See AP news item at end of this page)


Q:  Why are the ITAAC Tests a "minefield" for the new reactor?

A:  The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Inspections, Tests, Analyses, and Acceptance Criteria (ITAAC Tests) involve 400 items that the Vogtle reactor must pass before coming on-line. There are still around 150 ITAAC to complete. These crucial nuclear safety tests take time and may uncover more problems that will result in more delays and expenses to correct. More delays, of course, will mean more months of nuclear surcharges.


Q:  As of December, 2021, how complete is the construction?

A: Georgia Power testifies that Vogtle construction is 99% complete.  If that is true, the company should have no reason to object to stopping the nuclear surcharges, which it has collected for longer than the 2009 Financing Act anticipated.  It's time to stop giving Georgia Power the public's money via the nuclear surcharge. 


Q:  What was the Finance Law supposed to do? What was the benefit?

A: Some people remember that the surcharge law was promoted as a way to save the company finance charges of about $ 368 Million.  The customers whose money was taken were to be paid back with lower electric rates. It's clear, however, that there will be no payback benefit. Higher electric rates are ahead and will go much higher. Since the law was passed, only the company has benefited; electric customers have not.  The surcharge is failing to benefit customers, as the legislature was led to believe.  The surcharge law should be repealed. See Illustration 1, 2, & 3.




Reference and Illustration:


Reference 1: 

How Large Customers Get a Pass on Surcharges and Why the Little Guy Does not

Large electric customers that are on "marginal rates," such as time-of-use and real-time-pricing rates, do not pay the NCCR (Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery) charge on their bills nor do they make any contribution to capital costs. large industrial and commercial customers may get a small fraction (10% to 30%) of their electric service on a firm rate, but the rest of their electric service is under a marginal rate. If a large industrial customer gets 80% of their electric service on a marginal rate, they don't really care about paying the NCCR charge and capital cost on the small firm portion of their bill.  It is a huge savings for them, and they eventually get the benefit of the Vogtle 3 and 4 generation. 

Residential, small commercial customers and schools are on the standard "firm rate" for electric service.  Firm rates include the NCCR charge along with other surcharges and a recovery for capital costs. The large industrial and commercial customers have been silent for years about the waste and cost overruns at Vogtle because they don't really pay for the overruns.

Click to download and review the Electric Service Tariff NCCR-8 that shows the unfair "pass" for larger customers:   https://www.georgiapower.com/content/dam/georgia-power/pdfs/business-pdfs/rates-schedules/10-10-nccr-8.pdf


Illustration 1:    

Illustration 2:  

Illustration 3:

Illustrations from Nuclear Watch South. They have extensive background information on Plant Vogtle.


The Georgia Nuclear Energy Finance Act. 2009 Georgia Senate Bill 31.


Three new studies show a shocking management mess and financial fiasco:

One new report says the company has MISLED the Georgia Public Service Commission:

January 20:  Stating that Georgia Power has misled the Public Service Commission and the PSC Staff, The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis has the most recent damning analysis.

December 31: An Eye-Opening must-read report on possibly misleading cost and time estimates at the Georgia Public Service Commission.  Atlanta Journal Constitution

December 18:  A Stunning Comprehensive Report, Ratepayer Robbery, by the Georgia Conservation Voters Education Fund on the many serious problems, malfeasance, missteps, corporate greed, and incompetence in the Vogtle situation.



Dec 16 at the Public Service Commission: 

In the News:  More Vogtle Wire Woes Could Add to Delay  .



AP News Headline Dec 4

Vogtle monitors see more delays, extra $1B for nuclear plant

SUMMARY:  ATLANTA (AP) — ... Testimony filed Wednesday with the Georgia Public Service Commission by engineer Don Grace and others predict that the third reactor at Plant Vogtle near Augusta won’t meet the most recent range of July 2022 to September 2022 set by Georgia Power Co. ... problems are “largely attributable” to electrical wiring problems ... “We have testified in many prior (proceedings) that the schedules provided by the company are not achievable.”... Grace said company estimates have “repeatedly been demonstrated to be unrealistic and unreliable.” ... the company will need longer than the four months that it projects to load nuclear fuel and complete testing, ... the company is submitting many fewer notices to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission than planned showing work has been completed and tested. ... Grace also warned that construction performance on Vogtle’s fourth nuclear reactor is not improving, ... Georgia Power said for years that Unit 3 would be in commercial operation by November 2021, but has pushed back that deadline three times since May.


More Vogtle Wire Woes Could Add to Delay:

At the November 15 PSC hearing, the company said there were approximately 600 "electrical" problems to be fixed.

Most of the problems were spacing issues that shouldn't have happened if the work crews had an engineering and quality control supervisor.



WSB News December, 2021


Clark Howard summary about the surcharge. From October 2018. This is an excellent overview: 


Pam Wright's article: Sinking Into the Vogtle Vortex. Written several years ago, has history summary and information on surcharge impact on average customers:


Early news article about surcharge taking homeowner's money:


In 2017, School officials reported surcharge taking from schools.  Years later, school tax money is still being misused to finance a new nuclear reactor:


Nuclear Watch South. Extensive background and data on Plant Vogtle.


What ratepayers should know about the Plant Vogtle expansion.  January 6. Georgia Public Broadcasting.  http://www.gpb.org/news/2022/01/06/what-ratepayers-should-know-about-the-plant-vogtle-expansion


Nuclear Train Wreck. Big Vogtle plant part from Korea slides into the mud, nearly slides into the swamp. 2013 item. https://www.connectsavannah.com/savannah/nuclearptrainpwreck/content?oid=2175647



Feb 21


Stop       @        StopVogtleSurcharge.org







Nuclear Plant Vogtle,
"one of the most expensive
 power plants in the world"


Call or e-mail your Representative and Senator at the Georgia Legislature. Let them know you're fed up paying for Vogtle and want to REPEAL THE UNFAIR 2009 NUCLEAR FINANCE LAW and Stop the Vogtle Surcharge.  DO IT !



How much time?  Over 10 years of taking Georgians' money without compensation...and it still goes on.