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Take a Day Trip to Pasaquan

Pasaquan is considered one of the premier spiritual folk art sites in the eastern U.S.

Pasaquan is located near Buena Vista Georgia, near Columbus

This is a trip for those who share an interest in art and in unusual, interesting places.  Pasaquan is a relatively little-known but amazing 'treasure' one often learns about by word-of-mouth stories in art and unique travel discussions.

Pasaquan is a pristine and still "undiscovered" treasure, but knowledge of Pasaquan is growing rapidly so it is a good time now to see it while you have access to walk freely throughout the shrine.

Make a unique, exciting, and interesting visit to see and learn about Pasaquan. See the remarkable work of St. EOM, the visionary man who created Pasaquan.

Fortunately Pasaquan is "still there" to see and experience where St. EOM created it.  Fortunately, too, Pasaquan's deterioration is being slowed by renewed efforts to preserve it.  Nevertheless, the forces of decay are still stronger than the resources for preservation so now is a time to visit and support its preservation. You can experience Pasaquan and contribute to its preservation.  

"Pasaquan in May" will include a delicious catered gourmet-menu lunch.  Lunch will be at the lovely restored Sign of the Dove home, recently placed on the National Register of Historic Places, in Buena Vista.

Transportation will be via a luxury motor coach leaving from a convenient location that will have parking.

This promises to be a fun, interesting, unique, and tasty springtime Saturday!


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What is the Cost, Who is Planning This, and Why


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