Do you want to
 pay a profit
on Georgia Power's mistakes and cost overruns at their Vogtle Venture ?


NO !!


No Overrun Profit In Georgia


Are you one of 2,700,000 Georgia Power customers in 155 counties being set-up to pay for mistakes, and pay a profit on mistakes?


Do you have a small business that is being set up to pay for someone else's mistakes?

If Yes,
Pay attention:


Georgia Power and The Georgia Public Service Commission are planning to make customers pay for construction mistakes, re-do work, mismanagement, and delays at reactor Vogtle Venture.

Georgia Power aims to have us cover their mistakes and PROFIT




 NOTE: The present Georgia Public Service Commission ABSOLUTELY HAS NOT and WILL NOT PROTECT customers.


"I'm supposed to pay a profit on their cockups.

Hello  NoPig"

 No Overrun Profits In Georgia


"Was it Bait-and-Switch"
in 2009 ?

Vogtle 3&4 costs are $Billions over the original 2009 $14Billion bait.


Georgia PSC Commissioners have consistently ignored the PSC professional staff and have NEVER PROTECTED Georgians from paying for the Vogtle Venture.  They can't be trusted.

They've already approved 7.3 billion in construction costs.  Already more than the 2009 bait and switch proposal.




No Overrun
Profits In





In 2009 Georgia Power got an unusual special utility law letting them take money from customers by surcharges to finance construction of their 14 billion dollar venture. They proposed that lower price electricity would be a return for the (now billlions) money taken from customers. (Note: Surcharges were unfairly distributed by the PSC in that the very largest industrial customers got a big pass on paying)


REMEMBER:  In 2009 Georgia Power got their free finance money CWIP surcharge law based on a $14Billion plant and proposed future lower cost electricity. NOW: After the typical household paying out around $950.00 in surcharges. Lower cost electricity benefit IS NOT EVER HAPPENING


These are the folks who can use
"No Overrun Profit In Georgia"

Elderly, schools, food banks, mom & pop restaurants, churches, tire stores, car repair shops, households, gas stations, doctors offices, print shops, apartment renters, house renters, dentists, synagogues, beauty parlors, dry cleaners, shoe stores, insurance offices, meals-on-wheels, homeless shelters, colleges and universities, Salvation Army stores, banks, bicycle shops, credit unions, coffee shops, drug stores, police stations, nursing homes, car washes, sheet metal shops, music stores, pet stores, fast-food restaurants, veterinarian offices, loan offices, county governments, machine shops, caterers, welding shops, small manufacturing businesses, hospitals, recycling centers, lawnmower repair shops, animal shelters, hardware stores, grocery stores, YMCA & YWCA, nail shops, bookstores, healthfood stores, consignment stores, rehab centers, phone stores, barbershops, grocery stores, warehouses, urgent care centers, franchise businesses, clothing stores...



Georgia Power's proposed in 2009 that the reactors 3&4 would cost $14 billion dollars and be complete in 2017. Georgia Power's part was 47% of that. In the deal, Georgia Power could collect billions up-front from customers (CWIP money), then customers would enjoy lower electric rates from Vogtle 3&4.

Their special law "deal" is broken. The reactors are costing double what was proposed, and electric rates have already gone up due to overrun costs and the PSC allowing costs to go up.

The Georgia Legislature can recognize the unfairness and remedy the situation by protecting 2.7 million customers from paying for Georgia Power's costs above their original 6.1 billion ownership proposed in the deal to get free  (CWIP) money.



References, a few of many


Three new studies show a shocking management mess and financial fiasco:

One new report says the company has MISLED the Georgia Public Service Commission:

January 20:  Stating that Georgia Power has misled the Public Service Commission and the PSC Staff, The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis has the most recent damning analysis.

December 31: An Eye-Opening must-read report on possibly misleading cost and time estimates at the Georgia Public Service Commission.  Atlanta Journal Constitution

December 18:  A Stunning Comprehensive Report, Ratepayer Robbery, by the Georgia Conservation Voters Education Fund on the many serious problems, malfeasance, missteps, corporate greed, and incompetence in the Vogtle situation.



Dec 16 at the Public Service Commission: 

In the News:  More Vogtle Wire Woes Could Add to Delay  .



AP News Headline Dec 4

Vogtle monitors see more delays, extra $1B for nuclear plant

SUMMARY:  ATLANTA (AP) — ... Testimony filed Wednesday with the Georgia Public Service Commission by engineer Don Grace and others predict that the third reactor at Plant Vogtle near Augusta won’t meet the most recent range of July 2022 to September 2022 set by Georgia Power Co. ... problems are “largely attributable” to electrical wiring problems ... “We have testified in many prior (proceedings) that the schedules provided by the company are not achievable.”... Grace said company estimates have “repeatedly been demonstrated to be unrealistic and unreliable.” ... the company will need longer than the four months that it projects to load nuclear fuel and complete testing, ... the company is submitting many fewer notices to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission than planned showing work has been completed and tested. ... Grace also warned that construction performance on Vogtle’s fourth nuclear reactor is not improving, ... Georgia Power said for years that Unit 3 would be in commercial operation by November 2021, but has pushed back that deadline three times since May.


More Vogtle Wire Woes Could Add to Delay:

At the November 15 PSC hearing, the company said there were approximately 600 "electrical" problems to be fixed.

Most of the problems were spacing issues that shouldn't have happened if the work crews had an engineering and quality control supervisor.



WSB News December, 2021


Clark Howard summary about the surcharge.
From October 2018. This is an excellent overview:


Pam Wright's article: Sinking Into the Vogtle Vortex. Written several years ago, has history summary and information on surcharge impact on average customers:


Early news article about surcharge taking homeowner's money:


In 2017, School officials reported surcharge taking from schools.  Years later, school tax money is still being misused to finance a new nuclear reactor:


Nuclear Watch South. Extensive background and data on Plant Vogtle.


What ratepayers should know about the Plant Vogtle expansion.  January 6. Georgia Public Broadcasting.


Nuclear Train Wreck. Big Vogtle plant part from Korea slides into the mud, nearly slides into the swamp. 2013 item.



Call or e-mail your Representative and Senator at the Georgia Legislature. Let them know you WANT THE COMPANY OWNERS TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKES, NOT YOU, AND ABSOLUTELY NO PROFIT ON COST OVERRUNS !   January 2023


No Overrun
Profit In


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