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New Invention Helps Keep Palm Close at Hand.

Keeping Palms Close at Hand

New MyCoolClip Helps Stop Dreaded Palmdrop

Keeping Your Palm Close at Hand

Your Palm is Close at Hand


Keeping your palm close at hand has become easier with the new “MyCoolClip” accessory for the PalmR brand handheld computer.  

The clip was originally designed to add convenience and stop Palm misplacement in critical work environments.  The first users found it so useful that the clip is now being made available to individuals. 

A genuine Palm spare plastic stylus and spare-stylus holder are included so the user always has a standby stylus available.

A lanyard is included and can be attached to the clip for left or right-handed use.  Various lanyard styles can be used with the clip.  The new patented clip flips up out of the way for the Palm to PC synchronization process.

Full information with pictures is available on the web at www.MyCoolClip.com.


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