"MyCoolClip Pilots" Say: 

Tammy uses the MyCoolClip.com at work.

Kind of geeky-looking, but I like it. I'm a devoted HandyShopper user, and up until now, I've always been afraid I would bounce my Palm off the grocery store floor. This should prevent that from happening.

Received my cool clip over a week ago. Works great, thanks a lot, Grant.

"I recently purchased a MyCoolClip and I wanted to let you know that it's exactly what I needed. I like to carry my Palm in my shirt pocket, but it had nearly fallen out several times. Protective cases offer protection, but are too bulky. MyCoolClip makes me feel like my Palm is safer, but I don't have to change the way I use my Palm.  Thanks for making a great product."

I like it, very handy.

My Palm is in my shirt pocket right now with the clip and lanyard.  It works great and it did stop a palm-drop!

GOOD: Easy to keep the palm on a belt.

It allows you to hang the unit from your belt, backpack, or neck, so it is always present when you expect it to be.... ;-)

The construction is solid. This is not a junk gimmick, its a well-designed part.

>Q: Would you give it as a gift? A: Yes, if I felt that the recipient would like to wear their computer.

>Q: Would you give it as a gift? A: Yes, but I don't have any friends who have Palms- yet!

I like it- the design is very simple and the stylus holder is super clever.  I also like the fact that it fits in my RhinoSkinTM case with the clip attached, just in case I need to pack my Palm away.

I love it! I work in an office where I'm sitting most of the day, but it's a second's work to toss the lanyard over my head when I need to go to another part of the office.

I also think the product will work very well in institutions such as hospitals.

I think the cost is good - most Palm accessories cost more than that... it would be great for cost-conscious gift-giving to Palm enthusiasts.

I have no worries about the clip coming loose, I almost couldn't get it on -it's that tight a fit! Nifty!

Its good when at a stoplight in the car.   ...the light turns green -I quickly put the stylus in the spiral and let the lanyard hold the Palm.

>Q: It is designed to Keep Your Palm Close at Hand.  Does it do that for you?  A: It does a good job if I have a pocket- then I can safely trust it.

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