Pen Computing Magazine Said: 

"'s well thought out and works reliably."

Tammy uses the at work.
Innovative and inexpensive, MyCoolClip is designed to keep your Palm close at hand and safe from dropping.  They can be slippery sometimes.  It comes with a lanyard for hanging around your neck and a clip for attaching it to a belt loop; this works well enough that it's actually a little tough to get it off.  

MyCoolClip attaches very easily, and the tips that come in contact with the Palm's plastic are coated to keep from scratching or digging into the unit.

A stylus is included as well, and hangs at the ready in the spiral-cut tubing.  

The whole assembly moves to the front when HotSynching, so it doesn't need to be removed.  

Very clever, utilitarian design.  It's not beautiful, but it's well thought out and works reliably. 

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