Instructions for Keeping Your PalmTM Close at Hand:

First, Order Your MyCoolClip

Install Your MyCoolClip carefully following these Instructions:

1.jpg (17815 bytes) 1. 

Study the 4 steps and the pictures.

Then get a grip on your PalmTM and keep the grip. .

2.jpg (21833 bytes) 2. 

Put one of the teeth of your MyCoolClip into the clip slot.   Hold the whole thing like in the picture.  Keep the lanyard clip near the tooth end of the jaw.

3.jpg (16713 bytes) 3. 

Keeping the lanyard clip near the tooth end of the jaw, put your thumb on your PalmTM, just like in the picture.

4.jpg (14520 bytes) 4. 

Pull on the jaw near the tooth end with the lanyard clip and gently move the tooth over the slot and relax the pull so the tooth goes home in the slot.   Let go of your grip on your PalmTM and enjoy your MyCoolClip. 

Hand model: A. Hendrix is rotated up a bit for the cradle. Spare stylus in place.   Keep Spare Stylus in Spiral Holder.

         Spare stylus is not in the unique spiral stylus holder    MyCoolClip is out of the way.

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