Mule Power

Difference between mules and horses

A mule is the offspring of a male donkey (A Jack) and a female horse (A Mare).  A horse has 64 chromosomes and a donkey has 62. The mule has 63 chromosomes.

Mules have smoother muscles than a horse. They get their athletic ability from the horse and their strength and intelligence from the donkey.

Pick a saddle that fits your mule. The mule must have room for the shoulders to work. Unlike a horse the mules shoulders work up and down.

There was an excellent article about MULES in The New Yorker: subscribers maybe able to see it:

·  Claret with horse power.  Mule Power Next??

Pontet Canet is the only top château in Bordeaux to have gone entirely green, or "bio". The châeteau uses horses pulling carts fitted with solar panels instead of noisy tractors, and uses no artificial fertilisers or pesticides. London Independent.

From CNN: TSA demands biometric IDs for period reenacter mule-drivers

Mark sez, "Under TSA rules, various transportation workers need to pass background checks to receive biometric 'Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC)' IDs; this measure is allegedly necessary to thwart terrorism. This standard is being applied to employees of Hugh Moore Historical Park who operate mule-drawn canal boats at breakneck speeds of up to two miles per hour while wearing period costumes."

"We have one boat. It's pulled by two mules. On a good day they might go 2 miles per hour," said Sarah B. Hays, the park's director of operations.

The park's two-mile canal does not pass any military bases, nuclear power plants or other sensitive facilities. And, park officials say, the mules could be considered weapons of mass destruction only if they were aimed at something resembling food.
TSA: Mule skinners need background checks, too (Thanks, Mark!)

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