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You'll Get Superb Quality Aviation Hoses Fast.

Identical Replacement Hose assemblies to match your samples. Just ship your old hoses.

24 hour turnaround service ... with no extra turnaround fee.

Competitive prices?  Always. You'll get the hoses you need fast at a competitive price.

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Securely pack and ship your old hoses as patterns...or supply the part number and specification.  You can Fax your order. 

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Gann Aviation, P.O. Box 493, 120 Gasque Drive, LaFayette Ga. 30728

Phone 706-638-3034      Fax 706-638-1074

Gann is served by all national and international express shipping carriers: FedEX, UPS, USPS, Emery, DHL.

Remember:  24 hour turnaround service ... with no extra turnaround fee.

Have a look at Gann's professional aircraft hose fabrication area and hanger.  Stop in and you will meet knowledgeable, skilled, friendly aviators at Gann Aviation.

You will find and appreciate the professional, orderly environment where exacting work is accomplished.

There are several photos here that show you why Gann is a great flying partner.

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