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Neighbors working on sugar distillation


Neighbors.  Friend Rodreigo third, with yellow boots


Sugar distillation cooker under construction

Friends at the cooker

Cane crusher


Engine for the crusher



True to Life Farm Workshop




Workshop Kitchen area



Kitchen in Workshop

Office in Workshop



View from Workshop.  Note special bowl antenna for internet



Farm view from workshop


Workshop and friend





View of workshop from road to house


La Casa

Main room with temporary plastic windows


Main room from kitchen area


View from main room


from main room to kitchen area


farm view from porch




Farm view from the house

Upstairs hallway

Drive to house from 2nd floor window










View from Workshop


Two day ride



Green Horse Ranch, Ecuador



Green Horse Ranch, Ecuador








Green Horse Ranch, Ecuador










Stop for lunch on two-day ride







Misty Trail into the clouds


People met on the ride


















































Live insects at entomological exhibit












With Famous Ecuador Riders





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