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In addition to the Yankee Bicycle, inventor Royce Husted has a number of successful inventions

He now has over 50 patents spanning a broad range of industries including aircraft, automotive, machine-tool, fitness, recreation, household, and medical.  Among those he has scored licenses with such companies as Fitness Quest, Nordic Track, Chrysler, Kioritz, and Roper.  He began his involvement in the recreational field with the long-term development of the Snowbike.  He then turned his attention toward bicycle shifting systems which led to the Radial Gear bicycle transmission.    http://www.patentproducts.org/Site_PPC/Home.html  



This was a very clever design and after 'getting used to it' I think it 'better' than any other shifter I know of. It would NEVER slip and could be easily spun back into low gear while at a stop.  A neat, clever and totally fine working shifter.  It was a bit cleaner too. 


Note: This Rim Band Brake is really Really REALLY powerful...!  It was on the back wheel only.  I imagine with a Rim Band Brake on the front, everyone would have flipped over on their first ride. 

The Yankee is a great riding bike and I quit riding only when it began to be clear that this was a collector's bike and parts were not going to be easily available.