Norman's Cast of Characters
Bernice "Birdie" Bass,

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It was fun, comical, stressful, exciting, glamorous, and sexy!

I was a psychiatrist, a mentor, a fashion guru, a buyer, a manager and most of all; I was a director with a very diversified cast of characters.

Yes, for 37 years I owned a very high fashion boutique in Buckhead, Atlanta. Norman's Cast of Characters is a memoir of that history.

Do you know what these distinguished characters have in common: Chester, a CEO of a large corporation, who wants to dress as a French maid; Carol, the prostitute; Sally, who has sex with her dog, Ernie; Lulu, the society lady, who imagines that she is Scarlet; Hilda, whose husband brings home a lover to live permanently in the house; Albert, who becomes Alice; Ann, the wealthy nymphomaniac; Jane Simpson, who hired a maid for her son to service him; Jennie, who was the hair stylist and confident to the ladies of the night, Emma, the black housekeeper who was afraid to try on a hat, delightful housewives, professional women, and many other bizarre, loveable, and illustrious character.    

 They all shopped at Normanís.
     ...And they're in the book!

 My manuscript, ďNormanís Cast of CharactersĒ, abounds with short stories lived by my clients and depicts the magical years of owning and managing a very fashion-forward, chic womenís apparel boutique in Atlanta.  I was rewarded above and beyond living: I held a prime seat at one of the cityís great pageants, Normanís.  Here I witnessed an unending flow of very human figures as they made choices and coped with life when confronted with a full range of temptations, decisions, shortcomings, and moral dilemmas.

"Norman's Cast of Characters"




Buying in Europe



Dearest Barbara

Fashion Evolves


Here Comes the Man

Just Jennie

Kay & Robert (1)

Kay & Robert (2)

My Cast of Characters

My New Life

Where is Jean

One of My Life's Chapters: The Challenge

Regrets and Choices


Strange Places,
Fantastic Finds

Sugar Daddy


The Ostrich Hat

Thelma's Birthday

They Sometimes Came in Twos

What a Fantastic Day This Was

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"Norman's Cast of Characters" with illustrations by Tom Ferguson
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